I have been taking my computer to eBits for over three years and I am always extremely satisfied. The service on my computer is always top notch, as well as affordable, and the helpfulness and friendliness of the owner, Jesper, Ali, Joe, and the rest of this crew is out of this world. I bought a laptop from Jesper and it has been a good computer. Every time I take it in for repair work or services, I always walk out with a smile and my computer fixed. I would recommend eBits to anyone!
– Angie

After Best Buy’s Geek Squad dismissed my concerns with the computer I bought at Best Buy, I went to eBits upon a friend’s recommendation. I found very friendly attentive service, comprehensive and easy to understand analysis. The staff also provided me with options and cost out of each option. I highly recommend eBits to friends, colleagues and clients.
– Jim E.

My 1-1/2 year old Dell Desktop began malfunctioning with viruses/pop-ups/trojans due to our high school age kids downloading weird stuff. The problem became so bad that it somehow compromised our anti-virus programs & fire wall. I saw the eBits store sign while driving to work one morning. I called and the next day took my computer in. They were able to completely clean up my problems in two short days without having to remove/save to disk any of my programs. They even downloaded free and safe virus protection programs to keep my computer running virus-free. More recently our home experienced a short power outage and apparently my surge protector did not work the way it was supposed to…my computer’s power supply was blown. I took my computer to eBits and they fixed and I had it back within 24 hours. Fast reliable service is great these days! I will recommend eBits to everyone I know.
– Jim D.

I’ve been taking my Dell M60 Laptop to eBits for over three years. I moved to Seattle from the Midwest to receive my Master’s Degree in Architecture and being so far away from home, it is natural to be cautious of computer repair and service centers. When I had to take my computer in to de-bug the hardware I was happy to find such a genuine and friendly business owner in Jesper. He and his team is reliable and make sure the customer is satisfied. Now, three years later, I’ve only had to use eBits a couple of times, but Jesper remembers me and my father from years past. It’s comforting to know that you can still find “small town” services in the city. I am pleased from all my transactions with eBits and appreciate the little perks. For instance, Jesper made the point to fix my backspace key that had fallen off, for no additional charge. Now my computer operates and looks like new! Thanks eBits!!
– Anna K.

My laptop had been working fine, but had suddenly started giving me the “blue screen of death” meaning my hard drive was almost fried. I thought that nothing would save my data, and that all was lost forever. I had hundreds of pictures and thousands of dollars worth of music on my computer, which I thought were unsalvageable. I am a student and I didn’t have alot of money to fix my situation, but I needed a working computer, so I brought it to eBits. Jesper and the technicians at eBits not only were able to save my computer from utter doom, they saved all of the data on my hard drive. They did all of this at an unbelieveably low price, because they were so dedicated to customer service. I am eternally grateful to them, and from now on I am using an external hard drive and perhaps getting better virus protection. Thanks eBits! I’ll be a customer forever, but hopefully won’t have any problems to bring me back in.
– Liz N.

The University District eBits was a surprisingly positive experience. The customer service was really friendly and understanding. I have never had to have my computer repaired before this, but the financial aspect of my experience here was really great. The explanation of the services to take place was offered freely and thoroughly- no surprises of what I was getting into and no quick-contract deals. I was given options of what could be done and the pricing all seemed fair. There was no extra fee beyond the cost of parts for installing a new hard drive after deciding to make sure my old one did or did not work. The price was under $250 for complete recovery of my data and a working computer. Thank you.
– Kristen

I am a local Independent Filmmaker in Seattle and was referred to eBits PC Laptop in the University District by a technical advisor I have for my current project. They were very personable and put in a lot of extra effort into helping me with a stressful situation having to do my external drive and data recovery. Thanks to their efforts and willingness to keep trying different approaches to recovering my project files and data, I am now able to finish editing my feature film and keep our premiere in London in late March. I would recommend them as a great locally run operation where you as a person are given the attention and help needed to get through the tough times that come up with technical problems.
– Elliat G.

After taking my Mac to the supposed “Genius Bar” at the Mac Store I was told that in order to fix my laptop I would have to get a completely new Hard Drive. My only option was to send my Laptop away for a Hard Drive Replacement in which I would pay $375.00 plus shipping and handling and I wouldn’t be able to keep my old Hard Drive. I made my way over to eBits where for $225.00 and no shipping and handling I got a new Hard Drive installed the next day and they recovered the contents off my old Hard Drive. I felt Jasper and his team did an excellent job. They were very courteous and run a great business. I would recommend eBits to anyone who is in need of computer repair and is tired of getting the run around. Great service, honest people, convenient, and quality work.
– Kevin C.