PC Repairs

GoEBITS is proud to be Seattle’s computer repair specialists!

Few things are as frustrating as a broken computer. Between physical damage, data loss, and viruses and malware, the impact on your work and personal life can be huge. Wouldn’t an easy and hassle-free repair experience be great?

Whether you have a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer – whether you have a desktop or laptop – GoEBITS can get you up and running again quickly, and without the high costs that come with the original manufacturers’ repair services.

Why Choose GoEBITS for PC Repair in Seattle?

At GoEBITS, our expertly trained technicians have the skills and knowledge needed to assess and repair any model of personal computer, and any operating system. As an independent Seattle tech repair shop, eBits will give every repair job our all – and we do so at lower rates than our competitors. We’re frequently able to make fixes and recover data on machines that other stores would simply give up on and write off. And unlike certain big-box retailers, you’ll never need an appointment to get started!

At GoEBITS, we pride ourselves on a high standard of excellence in service.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today at (206) 525-2266 for your free consultation, or drop by either of our convenient Seattle locations.

Our Computer Repair Services Include:

Virus/Malware Removal

Our technicians have years of experience in cleaning viruses and malware from computers. No matter how severe the infection, we can clean it up and get your machine working like new again.

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Motherboard Repair

Your motherboard is like the nervous system of your computer – the printed circuit board that connects its most important components together. So if your motherboard is having problems, you can bet that your entire computer will as well.

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LCD/LED Screen Repair

Has your laptop screen seen better days? Is it plagued with dark spots, cracks, or constant flickering? Don’t give up on your computer altogether – it may well be possible to repair or replace your laptop screen.

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Computer Upgrades

Why buy a new computer, when all you really need is an upgrade? With our wide variety of computer upgrade services, GoEBITS can help improve the performance of your laptop or desktop computer and extend its working life for years to come.

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Custom Built Computers

You won’t find a better deal than a custom-built PC from GoEBITS. By designing computers from scratch and using only quality parts, we can create a custom-built solution at an affordable price.

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Apple/Mac Repair

Get expert Apple repair services at cutting-edge rates! Our expert technicians know Apple computers inside and out. We use only the highest quality parts, sourced from high-volume vendors for big savings.

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