Keeping your office computers up-to- date and fully functional can be exhausting – especially if you don’t have a dedicated technical support department. At GoEBITS, we work hard to keep your computers working for you. After all, we’re small business owners, too!

GoEBITS is proud to offer on-site technical support to small- and medium-sized businesses and other organizations in the Greater Seattle area. Let us handle your office computing needs, so that you can get back to the work that matters most.

Our Technical Support Services

GoEBITS offers services ranging from email configuration and network security, to automated backups and hardware break/fix. We’re dedicated to providing you with quality, responsive service designed to your specific needs. No problem is too big – or too little –for our technicians.

Our technical support services include:

Incident Response and Maintenance

If your office computers aren’t receiving regular maintenance, odds are you’re sitting on a ticking time bomb of serious issues. Fortunately, GoEBITS offers tailored service plans for businesses that need a little extra IT help – but don’t have the budget for an entire new department. We can perform scheduled maintenance on both your individual computers and your network, and promptly respond to incidents as they occur. Contact us for more information about our monthly service contracts.

Systems and Data Security

It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to the important files and data that are essential to your business. GoEBITS can help you to create a robust automatic back-up system, and take additional steps to prevent data loss. Don’t wait for disaster to strike and simply hope for the best – instead, take preventative measures that can save you time and money.

Technology Purchases

The tech world is vast, and filled with an assortment of products and brands – some proven, others not. If you’re planning a major equipment purchase, we can help you separate the good from the bad, and the bargain from the fleecing. Our expert technicians will find the best solutions for your organization’s specific needs.

Online Protection

The web is a fundamentally unsafe place – and it’s easier than ever to fall victim to fraud, intrusion, and even data theft. GoEBITS offers virus and malware removal and protection, both on client computers and on your network servers. We can also teach you safe computing practices to minimize the risk of problems going forward.

Ready to get started? For your free consultation, contact GoEBITS today and let us know how we can help.