Macbook Pros are some of the best products on the market. Whether your Macbook is your partner in crime when you’re running from project to project, your safe place for all files work related, or your key to a college education, these computers are great devices for a variety of needs. Like all technology, however, sometimes accidents happen. Drinks spill, screens crack, and files get lost. When your device is broken, you lose valuable time, productivity, and resources.

At GoEBITS, we believe no one should be held back because of malfunctioning technology. We’re experts in MacBook Repairs, and we’ll get your technology fixed quickly, at a great price, so you’re not waiting on your technology to get back to work. Common issues we can fix include:

Startup and Power Supply Problems

MacBooks or Apple Desktops failing to turn on or failing to boot at startup is a common problem. These computers can fail to turn on for a number of reasons, so if you are having this problem we recommend bringing it in for a free diagnostic.

Some common reasons for computers not turning on include failing to accept power, or a broken charging port. Our team is well versed in battery replacements and repairing a computer’s motherboard so it will accept a charge. Whether your computer needs a new battery, a repaired charging port, or simply a new charger, we’re here to help.

Another issue we frequently see is when computers will start to turn on but then get stuck in a boot loop. That means your Mac will get to the “Apple” screen but not fully start, or get stuck on a blue or gray screen. These types of problems are frequently associated with a corrupted Mac OS or some type of memory failure. If this sounds like the problem with your computer, our team will help restore your computer and fix your device’s memory. We can also perform a variety of data recovery services to ensure you do not lose your valuable data.

Are you ready to get your MacBook backup and running? Contact us now or come by one of our stores for a free diagnostic!

Motherboard (Logic Board) Repair

The motherboard is your Mac’s Central Nervous system. It enables your computer to fulfill all of its various functions. Because the Motherboard receives and directs all of the information and processes that happen within your device, it can seriously deter your progress when it breaks. If you think your computer’s Motherboard is broken, we’re here to help.

Motherboard issues can happen for many reasons. A few common causes include:

  • Water damage
  • Been dropped or fallen
  • Overheating
  • Electrical damage
  • General wear and tear

Because there are many reasons a motherboard may be damaged, we’ll need to run a diagnostic to get to the root of the problem. Bring your mac to one of our locations today and we’ll run a quick and free diagnostic to get to the root of your problem.

Motherboard repairs are a complicated process that requires close attention to detail. Because of that, our standard turnaround time with motherboard repair is 3-5 days. If your motherboard is showing signs of damage, we recommend bringing it in sooner than later so we can fix it as soon as possible!

Hard Drive Repairs

Your hard drive is your computer’s principle storage unit. It maintains all of your data, your Operating System, and a lot more. Because they store so much information, they can often be the first part of a computer to show wear and tear.

Hard drives often give warning signs when they are starting to deteriorate. Computers that are running slowly, having trouble processing files, or sounds coming from the drive, your hard drive may need some attention. Our team would be happy to assist you with any hard drive problems you may be having!

Replacing your hard drive is often the best solution to these types of problems. When you do this replacement, you can also upgrade to drives that work faster and have more space. We often recommend updating to the solid state drives, which are up to ten times faster and have an enormous lifespan of one million hours.

Another common hard drive problem is when your laptop or desktop gets stuck in a bootloop and won’t fully turn on. We can also help you get to the root of these types of failures and replace all necessary components!

Don’t hesitate to ask us about data recovery from your hard drive or solid state drive if you are concerned about losing valuable data. Contact us or visit one of our locations today!


If you’re looking to bring your Mac’s performance to the next level, we’re here to help. If your computer is running fine but could use more storage, or you’re looking for an update without buying a new computer, a performance upgrade may be your solution.

At GoEBITS, we do are two primary forms of upgrades which include:

Upgrading the Random Access Memory (RAM): Your computer uses RAM to temporarily store information while you work. Using RAM is supposed to be fast and easy, but if your computer has used all of its RAM it may start to slow down. By increasing the amount of RAM in your computer, you will increase the amount of Applications and files that can run before your computer starts to slow. Please note that the ability to upgrade RAM varies from computer to computer, and not all computer’s RAM can be upgraded.

Upgrading to an Solid State Drive (SSD): An SSD upgrade can significantly speed up your computer. These drives can access data far much more quickly and last longer other methods of storage. When you upgrade with us, we can help you install the SSD drive with the operating system of your choice, and transfer your data onto the new system.

Is it time to upgrade your Mac and optimize its performance? Contact us now or come by one of our stores to talk to an expert!

Malware Removal

For a long time, viruses and malware could not affect Mac computers. Unfortunately, as Macs have increased in popularity, they are now able to be infected with viruses. Adware, or software that automatically displays or downloads generally unwanted advertising collaborator, and Malware, software intended to damage and disable computer systems, are prevalent but can easily be prevented.

At GoEBITS, we offer a thorough mac malware removal service! Our process will rid your computer of any virus, and equip you with preventative measures so your computer does not get reinfected. No matter the kind of virus afflicting your device, our mac malware removal service will fix it! Bring it in for a comprehensive diagnostic so we can assess the best course of action.