A Mac Mini gives you all that Mac has to offer in frame just under eight square inches. This cost effective computing machine is a optimal desktop solution for computer users everywhere. Like all technology, however, sometimes these devices malfunction as a result of age, external damage, spills, and a number of other reasons.

Our team at GoEBITS won’t let technological malfunctions slow you down. We will get your problems fixed efficiently and effectively so you can get back to what you do best. All diagnostics are free, so we can identify the scope and scale of the problem without unnecessary fees piling up. Some common repairs we do include:

Startup and Power Problems

One of the most common issues we see with Mac Minis is failure to turn on. Failure to start can come from a number of problems, so we recommend bringing your device in for a free diagnostic so we can asses the root of the problem. Some common reasons Mac Minis fail to turn on include:

  • Issues with the power source
  • Corrupted Mac Operating System
  • Memory failure
  • Motherboard malfunctions

We also offer in depth data recovery services, so we can help you locate any files you may have lost when problems like these occur!

Issues with the Motherboard (Logic Board)

The motherboard is a crucial system in your Mac. Like the Central Nervous System in the human body, the Motherboard enables functions to be fulfilled and keeps processes moving smoothly. This system receives and directs all of the information and processes that happen within your computer. That means, if this system is broken, your computer has a big problem. If you think your computer’s Motherboard is broken, we’re here to help.

Motherboard issues can happen for many reasons. A few common causes include:

  • Spills and water exposure
  • Damage from dropping or falling
  • Overheating
  • Problems with electrical systems
  • Routine wear and tear

A number of factors can damage your Mac Mini. Your best option is to bring your computer into a specialist so we can run a full diagnostic on your device and get to the root of the problem.

Repairing your Mac Mini’s motherboard can be a complicated process. Because of this, our team usually sets a window of 3-5 days turnaround time on motherboard repairs. If your Mac Mini’s motherboard is showing signs of a problem, it’s better to bring it in sooner rather than later, so we can get it fixed ASAP!

Hard Drive Repair and Memory Upgrades

Hard Drive Repair
Your computer’s data lives in your hard drive. Hard drives typically last for about 1,000 hours, and are often the first thing on your computer to show signs of age, wear, and tear. Hard drives often show signs of deterioration such as running slowly, losing folders and documents, and sometimes even making audible noises.

Replacing your hard drive is often the best plan of action in this situation. Upgrading your hard drive to faster, and more efficient system might also be a good option!

Memory Upgrades
If you are hoping to increase your computer’s speed and functionality without completely replacing it, a memory upgrade might be the move for you. Performance upgrades are highly effective and a great way to keep your computer up to date with the latest and greatest technology.

Our team performs two primary forms of upgrades:

Random Access Memory (RAM): Your computer uses RAM to store information while you are working. When you increase this type of storage, your computer can run more apps and programs without slowing down your computer. Please note that not all computers’ RAM storage can be upgraded!

Solid State Drive (SSD): Upgrading to an SSD is another great way to increase your computer’s speed. These devices enable you to access stored data faster and last longer than typical drives. We can install these drives on a wide variety of operating systems and transfer your old information to avoid losing files.

Malware and Adware
Historically, viruses could not affect Mac computers. Unfortunately, as Apple has grown in popularity, virus are now able to effect Mac computers as well. Two of the most common problems with Macs are Malware and Adware.

  • Adware: A software that downloads unwanted, typically promotional content onto your computer
  • Malware: A type of software meant to damage or disable computer systems

Our team of experts offers a throughout malware and adware removal service for all types of Macs! We will both get rid of any virus currently affecting your computer and prevent future occurrences. Whatever the problem, we’re happy to help! Bring your device in for a comprehensive diagnostic today so we can get your device back in action ASAP.