Seattle’s iMac Repair Specialists

If you’re like most people, you probably rely on your computer for everything from entertainment to school/work. So when it breaks down – and sooner or later, it probably will – it can be a stressful thing.

Never fear: GoEBITS is here to help. As Seattle’s iMac repair professionals, we’re ready, willing, and able to get you back on track right away. Virus removal, data recovery, motherboard repair/replacement… we do all these and more, and at far lower rates than you’ll find at the Apple Store. We can even make house calls!

If you’re in need of iMac support in Seattle, look no further than the friendly professionals at GoEBITS. Call 525-2266 today, or visit us in-person at either of our two convenient locations.

Independently Owned and Operated

GoEBITS is your #1 choice for iMac repair in Seattle. As a locally owned independent repair shop, customer satisfaction is our top focus. And because we aren’t held to the same rigid rules and procedures as Apple Store technicians, we can offer cutting-edge rates and personalized service – including support for hardware upgrades and third-party applications!

Our iMac repair technicians have decades of combined experience with Apple hardware, so rest easy knowing that your computer is in good hands. Thanks to our exclusive deals with wholesale distributors, we are able to save big on the highest-quality parts to repair your iMac – and then pass those savings along to you.

Why look anywhere else? Pick up the phone today and call GoEBITS – no appointments required!

Seattle’s Top iMac Repair Services

We love the high build quality of Apple products as much as anyone, but even they aren’t immune to breaking down. Here are just a few of the iMac service options we offer here at GoEBITS:

  • Hard Drive Repair and Replacements
  • Motherboard Repairs and Replacements
  • Keyboard and Touchpad Repair
  • Power Supply Replacement
  • Screen Replacement
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Transfer
  • RAM Upgrades
  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • macOS (OS X) Repair and Reinstallation (we can also assist with Windows and Linux, if you’ve installed these via Bootcamp, Parallels, VMware Fusion, or similar tools!)
  • And much, much more!

Seattle iMac Upgrade Services

Apple is notorious for not providing official support for aftermarket upgrades. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean they can’t be done! At GoEBITS, our technicians have the skills and experience necessary to help you get the most out of your iMac.
Check out some of the iMac upgrade services we offer – right here in Seattle:

Apple iMac RAM (Memory) Upgrades
Even the newest and priciest iMacs often come with only 8GB of memory – plenty for basic tasks, but not enough for cutting-edge gaming, animation, or video editing. If you want Apple to add more, it’ll cost you a pretty penny. But at GoEBITS, we’re able to upgrade your iMac to as much as 32GB of dedicated memory at a fraction of the price.

Apple iMacHard Drive (HDD) Upgrades
Certain iMacs – especially older models – may be assembled with hard drives that are simply too small to store all your music, movies, and games. And while you have the option to upgrade your storage space from Apple directly (if you’re buying a brand-new computer), it can be quite expensive.

If your iMac needs more storage, just give GoEBITS a call. We can swap out the hard drive for a bigger one and transfer your data over afterward – so you won’t miss a beat.

Apple iMacSolid State Drive (SSD) Upgrades
Traditional hard drives use moving physical parts to record and access data. Solid-state drives, or “SSD”s, do not – which makes them quieter and faster. They even use less power! After replacing your iMac’s hard drive with a brand-new SSD, you’ll see noticeable improvements to how quickly programs launch and files save. Your computer will even boot up significantly faster.

Apple MacBook Operating System (OSX/macOS) Upgrades
With frequent software updates to macOS (OS X), the Mac experience is getting better all the time. If your iMac’s operating system isn’t up-to-date with the latest official version, we’ll upgrade it and get you access to brand-new features, tools, and apps.

Ready to get started? Call or visit GoEBITS today at either of our two convenient locations!