Five-Point Price Protection Guarantee

At GoEBITS, all of our repair jobs come with our Five-Point Price Protection Guarantee:

1. Your initial consultation and any laptop diagnostic is free of charge.
Having issues? Give us a call or stop by! We’ll gladly listen and find out the details about any problems you’re having. Though we are happy to share our impression about your computer and offer advice, we recommend that you let us run a full diagnostic to ensure that all issues are addressed. We do not charge anything for laptop diagnostics, but we do ask a $75 diagnostic fee for complex or gaming desktop computers. However, this amount does apply towards the labor cost of any repair work you agree to have performed.

2. Our diagnostics procedure includes disassembly of your computer at no additional cost.
Some of our competitors charge a diagnostic fee to look at your computer, and then start charging you by the hour the moment they have to disassemble your computer. This approach is problematic because you are stuck paying for labor that might not even result in your computer getting fixed. Our thorough process enables us to get to the root of the problem to offer the most complete repair solutions.

3. You’ll always know the cheapest option before we start repairs, and the diagnostic fee will apply towards the cost of the repair.
After we have completed diagnostics, we will never do billable work on your computer without getting your approval first. We will always call you first to discuss the issues we found, and go over all possible repair options.

4. Your estimate is fixed and firm.
After we’ve performed diagnostics on your computer and given you a price quote, that price stands. Even if there are difficulties with the repair, we will maintain our labor price to ensure your computer is fixed at a great value. If we encounter additional issues after getting approval for a specific problem, we will call you and let you know before doing any additional work. You will not be made to pay the amount from the original estimate if that specific service or part does not fix the problem.

5. We offer an extended warranty on our repairs at no extra cost.
We are proud to stand by our work. We therefore offer a guarantee on any service we perform, and any parts we install. This warranty window may vary depending on the warranty granted to us by our supplier, but we try to give you the best guarantee possible. For instance, if our supplier guarantees a part for 60 days, we would guarantee it for 120 days. We want you to be completely satisfied with your repair, and if something goes wrong we’ll go out of our way to make it right.

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