Data Recovery Service

Seattle Data & Hard Drive Recovery for Computers and Laptops

Our team will help you recover the critical data that others can’t reach!

It’s every computer owner’s worst nightmare: a sudden electrical surge, liquid spill, or computer virus, and suddenly your critical data is gone. You know you should have set up automatic backups, but now it’s too late. Or is it?

GoEBITS has a successful track record of retrieving data that’s been lost, corrupted, or even destroyed due to physical damage or computer viruses – even where other repair shops have failed. At our University District and Capitol Hill locations, we use cutting-edge retrieval technologies that allow us to recover information from hard drives (both HDD and SSD), USB flash drives, memory cards, and even CDs and DVDs!

Most of our competitors use standard imaging equipment to find your data. This approach is fine when you’ve lost information due to user error or software problems, and it’s often a good place to start. However, basic procedures like this are essentially useless when your data loss is caused by hardware damage or failure, as many data losses are.

When disaster strikes, our team is here for you. Our everyday low prices make us the smart choice for data recovery in Seattle. We’ll get your personal files back and restore your computer to back to working order as soon as possible. Between our low cost service, expert technicians, and speedy repairs, GoEBITS is hard to beat!

Our Top Notch Data Recovery Services:

  • We use DeepSpar low-level disk recovery technology – the only technology on the market that can recover data from failed, corrupted, or unstable disk drives (the source of 68 percent of all data loss).
  • Thanks to our special industry partnerships, we can recover data even in extreme cases that require an ISO 5 cleanroom environment or certified secure data recovery process.

No job is too extreme for GoEBITS. We can handle almost any data recovery task (and backup) here at our Seattle shops, or right in the comfort of your home or business. For more extreme situations, your hard drive may need to be opened in a clean-room environment. If this is the case, we’ll work closely with DriveSavers’ tier-1 recovery house to retrieve your information quickly and safely. There’s no charge if your data cannot be recovered!

Ready to get started? Call GoEBITS today at (206) 525-2266 for your free consultation – or simply visit one of our convenient Seattle repair shops located in Capitol Hill & University District!