Computer and Laptop Recycling

Do you have an old desktop tower that’s just collecting dust? Is your laptop beyond repair? Eventually, every computer reaches the end of its useful life, but they can’t just be thrown away with the rest of the garbage. After all, those raw materials are still useful – they don’t belong in a landfill!

Some people find computer recycling to be an inconvenient process. That’s why eBits is pleased to offer Seattle computer recycling services to our friends and neighbors. Through our partnership with the Seattle-based nonprofit InterConnection, we can keep old computers, printers, and monitors out of the trash and put their components to good use.

Seattle isn’t called “The Emerald City” for nothing – help us do our part to keep the planet a little greener. Our recycling services are free to you, with a $5 per item suggested donation (all of which we turn around and give directly to local non-profit organizations).

Ready to get started? Contact eBits today, or simply bring your old computer, printer, or monitor down to one of our two convenient Seattle locations.